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Windy Hair Play Moments from Bella’s First Videos

Since many people love the windy hair play and It was a slightly windy day on this day, so I’ve edited it the best parts into 10 minutes from bella’s first videos which is only for $4!

In this video she doing a lot of loose hairplay while walks on the pavement and grass, making a lot of thick ponytails, brushing her hair with tangle angel comb and fingers, swinging / swaying, making a bun then dropping, spinning in her dress, several times scatters her loose hair and ponytails with two hands.

File size: 946 MB
Video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 28 April 2019

Bella’s Natural Light Photoshoot on Margaret Island

The first photoshoot with Bella with 2 different clothing and 13 different places on Margaret Island with the best natural lights! She is a great model with beautiful healthy, silky and thick hair of course growing her hair longer.

This photo set includes mostly loose hair from the side, front and back, ponytails, braids in front of the tree. She sitting on the grass and bench, standing next to lake, smelling flowers in the flower garden, etc.

This photoshoot is now discounted because the first one I made. I’ve edited 1-1 photos from some place into the preview video and I used minimal Photoshop (RAW filter) on every photo.

Number of photos: 125 vertical + 75 horizontal retouched photos
Photo resolution: 24,2 Megapixel (8000 x 5333)
The photos grouped in places and packed into a ZIP-folder which you simply unpack after downloaded it.

File size: 2 GB
Number of photos: 200 pieces
Photoshoot editing date: 10 April 2019

Below Knee Length Loose Hair Walking with Hungarian Rapunzel

This video consists of two parts and there is no cut in the whole video, but it is recorded in two different places. In the first part we are walking on the sidewalk, in the second part we are sitting on the grass. Her smile is and hair absolutely beautiful, I’ve made the video from more angles and you can see how much she loves her long hair in the pretty pink princess skirt!

In this video she doing bun and bun drop, long hair swinging / swaying while she walking, blows out the mica from her hand, thick ponytais, spinning in her skirt, several times scatters her loose hair and ponytails with two hands, mild windy hair play, when she leaves the sidewalk smells the flower while smiles.
While we sitting on the grass she stroking her hair with her fingers, making ponytails, covers herself with her long hair, sometimes close up I stroking her hair.

File size: 1,15 GB
Video length: 12 minutes
Video editing date: 14 April 2019


1. Cinematic – Deep in My Eyes (Pure Affection Mix)
2. Frank Borell – Beautiful Dreamin’ (Vocal Mix) [feat. Jenny Kiwoo]
3. Best Of Chillout Lounge – Beach Bbq (A State of Trance Version)

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Bella’s Passionate Hair Play in Margaret Island

I am proud to present you my great model Bella, who is a passionate, super kind person and she is from Hungary! I’ve been planned this day for a long time and we recently visited to Margaret Island and made some videos, and quality photos in 13 different places. (Photoshoot)

Her long hair is incredibly beautiful which is reached the knee length! She said, since childhood she always had unique long hair and never cut. Current length is 130cm, however her goal is to grow her hair even longer.

This video consists of several parts and made it in three different wonderful places. I’ve made videos from more angles and you can see how much she loves her long hair in the pretty pink princess skirt!

In this video you will see buns and bun drops with glitter, swinging, swaying while she walking, spinning, combing her hair with tangle angel and stroking with her fingers, windy hair play, ponytails, braid, braid takout, flipping, long hair hugging while she smiling.

File size: 2,20 GB
Video length: 23 minutes
Video editing date: 12 April 2019


1. Wansui by Oliver Michael Parhelion
2. Cruisin with Bae Bonus Points
3. Floating Clouds – Fading Sunshine (Horizon Mix)
4. Delectatio – One day
5. Jazzmake – Something of Good (Sun premix)
6. Jeaf Gills – Bloom (Carpet radio)
7. Hard Flame – Grown (Sea drive)
8. Jazzmake – Jazzmake (Spoke original)
9. Inside Soul – Mistiness (Key range)
10. Mya May – Cruise love (Shutter)

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