The Long Hair is the most beautiful attribute for a girl / woman. This shows its natural beauty, which not replaceable with expensive clothes or makeup tricks. Truly a gift from nature, every girl and woman deserves to show her wonderful long hair to the world!

About Us

Our pages are divided into two sections.

Primarily our goal with the network is to the videos and photos get more fans so the pages of the models will also get more advertising.
On November 3, 2010, we created the first YouTube channel for girls and women who have a great passion for their natural and beautiful hair.

Secondly we produce a variety of high quality hair art videos. These include but not limited to: long hair show, braid tutorials, reviews, product presentations, educational. We are always on the look out for new models and we do take custom video requests, so if you are interested, Contact Us!

The term “Long Hair” comes from the name Rapunzel, which is the story of a super long-haired young girl.
“Collection” is a spontaneous name that we published as the title of the first video collection.

After a lot of work, and a lot of planning, 2017 In March, we created a Facebook and an Instagram profile called Long Hair Collection.
Quickly managed to create a friendly community. They have great success and good feedback.

The community is international, but there are more Hungarian girls present.

Hair Care

The very long, thick, silky and healthy hair is the most beautiful, which becoming more and more fashionable, becoming more and more popular! Long hair care is very important if you want healthy hair.



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