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Pamela’s Sensual Long Hair Play & Pulling by her Boyfriend (ASMR)


They are very cute couple! This hot video is made up of two parts, the first part being a 2-minute shot in the bedroom, the second part is a 10-minute long which made on the terrace with Pamela’s boyfriend, Maxim.

Maxim is loves long hair and just love the feeling of playing with Pamela’s super silky long hair! In the second part she washed her hair freshly and you can see how beautiful soft!

Scenes in the first 2-min video: Pamela is in bedroom in night clothing with Maxim. You will see relaxing hair brushing, swinging, Maxim combing her hair slowly with a comb, pulling, wrapping her hair around his hand, stroking with his fingers.

Scenes in the second 10-min video: Pamela is in the terrace in mini skirt with Maxim. You will see relaxing hair brushing, stroking with fingers, bun drop, you can see the wind blows her hair, ponytails, she sitting in the chair, swinging and swaying, wrapping her hair around her neck, long hair smelling by Maxim, long hair pulling, wrapping her hair around his hand, they hug each other three times, in the end of the video they kiss each other.

File size: 1,19 GB
Video length: 12 minutes
Video editing date: 15 July 2019

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