Maitreni Mishra – Wet Hair Combing, Playing & Braiding in Blue Dress


This Maitreni Mishra’s second video which we was previously shared, but we’ve edited it again and we hope you like it better!

She is a very pretty in an elegant blue dress, with calf length, super silky hair!
Watching her long hair in amazing movements is like something from another world, and her blue dress also fits so well with her look and her very long hair.

In this video combing her wet hair with her comb and her fingers, throws it with her hand, making ponytail and super long duoble braids, flipping, swinging / swaying.

File size: 665 MB
Full video length: 8 minutes
Video editing date: 01 July 2018

Background Music:
01. MBB – Fresh
02. AGST – Relax
03. Infinity – LEMMiNO


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