Lee Stafford Argan Oil Twisted Curling Wand

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Over the last few weeks I have been using these two hair curlers from Lee Stafford’s Argan Oil range: the Grooved Waving Wand and the Large Curling Tong. They belong in the Argan Oil range because both wands actually have Argan Oil infused into the barrel, so that your hair is conditioned as you curl it; this also helps to protect your hair against the heat.

The Grooved Waving Wand heats up to 200 degrees in only 30 seconds, and has an LED which shows when the curler has reached the desired temperature. The Large Curling Tong has 6 heat settings (up to 200 degrees) and reaches the desired temperature in 60 seconds.

These are the products I love using when I curl my hair: Poker Straight (heat protection with added shine), Sea Salt Spray to create a more naturally wavy/curly look and then I fix my style in place using Fat ‘n’ Flexible hairspray. These products all smell incredible, so my hair not only looks amazing, but smells great too.

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