GRO Hair Oil

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The Gro Hair Oil It is jam-packed with six different herbs – Aloe Vera, Eclipta Alba, Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla), Coconut oil, Hibiscus and Lawsonia Inermis.
Was designed to help nurture your natural hair growth and also help save your hair. It contains 5 different herbs with concentrations based on the studies cited below:

Eclipta Alba has not one, but two studies behind it that show its hair growth promoting activity in rodents. (These are not our studies- We don’t condone the testing of animals and most of us here are strict live and raw vegans) In the first study, petroleum ether and ethanol extracts of the herb were compared against minoxidil. The second also used minoxidil as a positive control, but this time the extract was made with methanol. The study showed “These findings suggest that methanol extract of Eclipta Alba may have potential as a hair growth promoter.”

One of the herbs in the oil Eclipta Alba was shown in a study titled to grow hair faster than minoxidil, minoxidil is a chemical hair growth product sold in the US and Canada, the problem is that it is plagued with nasty side effects. With eclipta Alba you potentially avoid all these side effects and get the benefits. With Gro oil you are getting eclipta Alba and five other herbs in high concentrations all in line with the studies cited. Gro oil is great for both men and women, but it is ideal for men who are want to keep their hair longer and want to prevent hair loss. It’s great for kids and adults alike. Get this for the men in your family (remember it is just as good for women as well.

Gro oil will help:

  • — Keep the hair you have for longer
  • — Achieve greater thickness and volume
  • — Get longer hair by preventing breakages
  • — Get younger-looking hair
  • — Moisturize the scalp and hair
  • — Give you longer hair FAST


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