Super Long & Healthiest Hair Combing in the Park


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Florentina is 28 years old kind woman and she was born in Sibiu but arrived in Baia Mare after a marriage. She is a celebrity and has been featured on TV channels, on some of the most well known newssites, over 1 million people have seen her on Facebook, and Instagram! I’ve pasted below three articles, take a look at her!


Her hair is dark brown, healthy and very beautiful ankle length (almost floor length) and not trimmed for 11 years! ❤️

In this video you will see bun drops, hair play in the park, slight windy hair play, ponytails, combing with her own fingers and her comb, super long hair flipping and some long hair swaying.

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Video editing date: 04 September 2018

Background music:
1. Asketa & Natan Chaim – Underneath My Skin
2. Unomas & Dave Sol – Dreaming
3. Alan George – Together
4. Iceleak – Wavy


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