5 out of 5

Vera Kosyakina

Nizhni Novgorod, Russia

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Hot Long Hair Brunette Vera’s Sexy Hair Play Outside

In this video Vera is in a beautiful garden, showing off her amazing long and thick, healthy brown hair! She wears a pretty shorts with red t-shirt and sunglasses which makes art-like.

Scenes in the video: Bun drop, ponytails, mostly long hair brushing with hands and comb, long hair parting / sliding, posing, waving / swinging, on end of the video bun making

FHD File size: 930 MB
Video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 19 June 2019

Background music: Miracala – Vision of Voices 207

20 Minutes of Two Russian Friends Doing Everything in Nature with Super Soft Long Hair

A hot video for cold days! Nature and long beautiful hair is an amazing combination. This is an older video which was made at the end of summer.

Vera is a great hair model and she has amazing looks in this outfit. Her beautiful friend Marina play with her classic length super soft, silky hair in the windy weather in a pleasant nature!

They are in this video standing and alternately doing a lot of beautiful things, such as brushing, swaying, flipping, shaking, buns and bundrops, braids, braid takeout, braided bun, ponytails, combing with combs, stroking with fingers and more.

HD File size: 1,78 GB
FHD File size: 2,25 GB
Video length: 20 minutes 24 seconds
Video editing date: 01 December 2018

Home Practices with Vera for Perfect Body and Hair

Vera is a fitness girl who is a very fit, healthy person!
She doesn’t only have thick, silky and soft thigh length hair, which is light brown, she also has a perfect fit body.

In this video she is doing a lot of different exercises in her room and among them are squats, splits, aspagaus, push ups, climbs the ladder upside down, holding the rope in her hand while doing squat, etc.

She standing, sitting, such as brushing, buns and bun drops, ponytail with kerchief, combing with her comb, making a lot of amazing poses, swinging and swaying, running her fingers through it, etc with three different camera positions.

File size: 1,52 GB
Video length: 16 minutes
Video editing date: 12 December 2018

Background music:
1. Barely Floating – Ooyy
2. Mar Vei – Human High
3. André Aguado – Even If We’re Falling
4. DJ Mayson – Anywhere You Go
5. MeFree – You Know

Sensual Hair Brushing in Pink Dress (Buns, Ponytails, Flaunting)

She has beautiful smooth hair and In this video she making a bun and a ponytail bun, a lot of ponytails, combing her ponytails, flaunting, stroking with her fingers over arm, long hair posing and more amazing hair play!

File size: 891 MB
Full video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 16 September 2018

Background music:
1. Mar Vei – Blizz
2. Hallman – Buried Desire
3. Concentration – Veevel


Rapunzel on a Bicycle

She is very pretty in this pink shorts and with her thick blonde smooth hair!

This is an amazing video and consists of 4 and 5 minutes part outside in the woods and recorded by a new camera which is much better quality than previous ones!

In this video she doing some long hair play and long hair show, you will see flipping / tossing, swinging / swaying, bicycle riding, ponytails, combing, brushing hair over the face, buns and a bundrops.

File size: 782 MB
Full video length: 9 minutes
Video editing date: 22 August 2018


Long Hair in the Park

Background music:
1. INFDL – Ascended
2. AGST – Relax
3. MBB – Fresh
4. Ehrling – You And Me
5. Wanderlust – Scandinavianz

File size: 1,38 GB
Full video length: 15 minutes 40 seconds
Video editing date: 22 July 2018


Vera Kosyakina – Wet Hair Drying in the Garden

Vera is back with an excellent video and she feels very good at nature now!
Her hair looks to be slightly watery, that’s why i set the video title “Wet Hair Drying”

In this video you will see super long and thick hair play, bundrops, long hair posing, flipping, smelling, running her fingers through her hair, combing with her comb, super long blonde ponytail…

Under of the full video no music!

Full video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 25 June 2018


Vera Kosyakina – Thigh Length Hair Play by the Bed in Blue Dress

She has thigh length light brown hair which is healthy, super silky, soft and very beautiful! Not only is her hair amazing but she is stunning as well!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, dun drops, combing with her comb and her own fingers,handheld ponytails, swinging, braiding while standing.

File size: 1,10 GB
Full video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 21 Jun 2018

Background Music:
1. DeusExMaschine – So Long
2. Vallmon – Groove Island
3. A GON – Recollection
4. The Blue Elephant – Beautiful Lie


Thigh Length Silk Hair After Washing – Drying with Hairdryer, Towel and Oiling

Vera is a fitness woman, she has super thick, silky and soft thigh length blonde hair, and she has an amazing body!
Loves long hair, showing it off and she really enjoys her own long hair.

In this video, she starts by drying her hair, both by airdrying and by drying carefully with a towel.
You will see wet hair play, drying hair with a hairdryer, whipping her hair around, oiling her hair, brushing her hair with her fingers, and a ponytail, swinging/swaying, bun + bundrop.
You will see the hairplay from all her angles, since she is turning around so you can see it from every aspect.

Organix Anti-breakage Keratin Oil

File size: 1,19 GB
Full video length: 12 minutes
Video editing date: 20 Nov 2017


ASMR – Vera Kosyakina – Long Hair Brushing – Sexy Hair Play

This is a hair brushing ASMR video from Vera!

She has super long hair and you can hear the real sounds of her hair to help you relax and give your head tingles.

This ASMR video was recording using mobile microphone.
In this video, you will see hair combing and brushing + running her fingers through her hair. She is combing her hair a lot from different positions in this video, so you really get to see it perfectly.

File size: 1,08 GB
Full video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 21 Jun 2018