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Tatyana Gordikova

Barnaul, Russia

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Tatyana’s Super Silky Show on the Chair (Bundrop, Covering, Braiding)

This is the third video from gorgeous model Tatyana which is recorded at room and some people requested.

This video only $2 because In this video she does only three main things. Making bun, bun drop, covering the chair several times and making a braid. As well as combing her hair with her comb and hand, swinging.

File size: 986 MB
Video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 17 April 2019

Background music:
1. Marc Winnfield – Affection, 2. Ameryh – Postpone, 3. Cacti – Tropical Storm (Young Community Remix), 4. Baby Without You – Loving Caliber feat. Joe Leone

Super Thick Hair Play in Silk Dress

Tatyana is great woman from Russia who has lot of experience within long hair, hair care, health and this is the first video with her!

She says: “The long hair of a woman is very beautiful, this is her wealth, they are able to delight and inspire. Female power in her hair. My dream is to grow my hair to ankles.”

She loves to show her hair, so that people can be amazed by her hair length and thickness.

In this video you will see super thick ponytails, buns and bundrops, stroking with her fingers through her hair, braided crown, combing with her comb, flipping, hair parting, hair brushing over face, long hair posing, swinging, chair covering, braiding in silky night clothes.

HD File size: 1,60 GB
FHD File size: 1,70 GB
Video length: 18 minutes
Video editing date: 11 February 2019

Background music:
1. DJ Mayson – With Me, 2. Mondays – Be With You (Deek Cloud Remix), 3. Peyruis – Finesse, 4. DJ Mayson – Anywhere You Go, 5. Ameryh – Postpone, 6. Echoes Of You – Tomas Skyldeberg

Tatyana’s Perfect Hair Texture and Marvelous Silky Show Inside

Tatyana is a very pretty woman with silky and shiny, marvelous long brown hair and she has lovely smile and you can see it well in the light the texture of hair.

In this second video showing her hair while she is standing and sitting in a chair with her back facing the camera, so you can see all her hair in the best ways possible.

In this video you will see super thick ponytails, bun and bundrop, combing with her comb, flipping, hair parting, swinging, hair play in chair, char covering.

File size: 1 GB
Video length: 11 minutes
Video editing date: 12 February 2019

Background music:
1. Loving Caliber feat. Joe Leone – Baby Without You
2. Cacti – Tropical Storm (Young Community Remix)
3. CLNGR – Under The Lights
4. Ameryh – Postpone