Silky Long Hair Walk in the Countryside (Doube Ponytails, Bun Drops, Combing)


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Natalie has super silky and shiny beautiful long brown hair. She takes very good care of her hair which is very easy to see in this video.

This is an unusual video from Natalie, the essence of it was practically movement, because I also love sports and I wanted to create something new with her.
Also, a shorter cycling video will be coming, only in a different outfit.
I am happy to work with her, and she said she liked it creating this video and it was interesting to her.
She’s wearing her favorite leggings, which are comfortable and, by the way, looks great on her!

This beautiful video is shot at the countryside, with such great view, you will love it!

Scene 1 Back View: (3 min) Silky long hair walk
She doing some amazing hair play

Scene 2 Side View: (1 min) Silky long hair walk
Similar to the first scene

Scene 3 Back View: (2 min 20 sec) Three bun drops
She make three bun and bun drop

Scene 4 Front View: (3 min 40 sec) Combing, Double ponytails
She combing her hair while smiling, and creating a cute double ponytail

Format: MP4
File size: 1.54 GB
Video length: 10 minutes
Background music: Imagine Deep
Video editing date: 30 July 2023


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