Sensual Hair Play in Bedroom with Classic Length Silky Tresses


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Lina is our newest long hair model who is young, cute and elegant! We proudly present her for you, but maybe you already know her from our previous posts.

She has beautiful classic length brown hair which is silky, shiny and almost 100 centimeters long. You can see that she likes and enjoys it her long hair!

The full video is composed of 4 parts which much longer than the others! The first 10 minutes part is uncut. The other three parts 2 min 56 sec, 3 min 55 sec, 5 min 50 sec.

In this video you will see buns and bundrops, drenching her hair with water then combing with her comb, running her fingers through her hair, wrapping it around her neck and arms, smelling, ponytails, a simple braid, undoing of the braid, swinging and swaying a lot from different angles in pretty blue dress.

File size: 1,88 GB
Full video length: 22 minutes 22 seconds
Video editing date: 25 July 2018
Music credit: Lakey Inspired


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