Massive Ponytails in Blue Shorts (Loose Hair Play & Ponytail Flaunting)


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In this video, our beautiful friend Natali plays with loose hair and ponytails. She wears a pretty satin blue shorts and light t-shirt. In the beginning of the video she is facing the camera with her straight, hair open. The rest of the video is a rear and a side view and, she does some amazing shows with ponytail. She holds it together with her hands and also uses hair elastics. At the end, she undoing the ponytail.

This is a vertical video and shot in 4K. In this video format, the length of the hair is best seen and the video is pleasant to watch! I also wanted you to see the difference in video quality between what we shot in motion and when there is professional lighting and a light background. You will enjoy it!

Format: MP4
File size: 1.50 GB
Video length: 5 minutes
Resolution: 2160×2840 (4K)
Video editing date: 15 November 2023

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