Laskova Anastasia – The Silky Show at Dormitory with her Dark Mane


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Anastasia is a serious, but cute girl and this is the thrid video with her which was made in the dormitory.Β The camera was a bit close to her because there was little space in the room, but next time we solve this!

She has dense, healthy dark hair which reaches the 110cm and wants to grow her hair it longer! She loves to show you and loves to run her fingers through it, feeling how silky.

In this video you will see her long hair play, hairbrushing / combing with her favorite comb, bun and bundrop, running her fingers through her hair, making waves, shaking, swinging and swaying a lot, handheld ponytails, braids, braid takeout.

File size: 1,40 GB
Video length: 14 minutes
Video editing date: 03 December 2018

Background music:
1. Luwaks – Reversed Beginning
2. Tomas Skyldeberg – Feel The Breeze
3. André Aguado – Even If We’re Falling
4. Sum Wave – Milo’s Breeze

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