Kristina’s Beautiful Hairplay in Nature with her Knee Length Blonde Tresses


Kristani is our newest long hair model and we proudly present her for you, but maybe you already know her from our previous video.

She is a impressively beautiful girl with her knee length, thick and smooth natural blonde hair!

In this video you will see, bun drops, double buns, ponytails, a simple braid, undoing of the braid, long hair twisting, flipping and you can see the wind blows her hair while running her fingers through her hair.

File size: 903 MB
Full video length: 10 minutes 30 seconds
Video editing date: 01 July 2018

Background music:
1. Joakim Karud – Future Funk
2. Ehrling – You And Me
3. Markvard – You And Me


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