Floor Length Rapunzel Alena’s Sensual Hair Play in Dining Room


This is Alena’s first hair play, hair show video at Long Hair Collection.
She is a cheerful woman with magnificent smile and seductive beauty and you can see how much she truly enjoys it her super long golden hair!

She has lot of amazing healthy hair and she can be next person after emperor of long hair Alechka Nasyrova.

In this video she standing in the dining room, doing a lot of beautiful things, such as swinging it a lot, swaying, long hair hugging, flipping, shaking, a super long ponytail and braid, braid takeout, braided and ponytail bun, bundrops, combing with her comb, sensual hair brushing, stroking with her fingers, posing.

File size: 882 MB
Video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 25 November 2018

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