Floor Length Hair Play and Chair Covering in Office


Alena is a very beautiful, pretty woman with some of the best hair in the world, who hasn’t had a haircut in 28 YEARS! Now has a 6ft-long mane and says she keeps it glossy by washing it just once every three weeks.

Her first article already available one of the well known newssite at Dailymail! We are very proud of Alena, read it this kind post where you can learn more about her. Here is the whole article: https://dailym.ai/2E5hk2p

In this video she sitting at her office, in an office chair. She does a lot of hair play, and you´ll see a lot of different hairstyles as well.

She makes a lot of ponytails, bun and bundrop, a thick and long braid and undoing of the braid, a lot of swinging, swaying and shaking of her hair while loose, long hair play in lap, chair covering with ponytail and loose hair, hairbrushing, running her fingers through her hair and more.

File size: 909 MB
Video length: 10 minutes
Video editing date: 09 December 2018



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