Extreme Windy Hair Play in Town Liepaja


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Δ’rika is from Latvia (Liepāja) who is a very cute young girl and she has classic length brilliant blonde hair which is silky, shiny and incredibly beautiful!

This video is vertical and consists of four parts.
The quality of the video is unfortunately not the original because she has edited for us, which just was kindness.The full video resolution is 640×352, but we will soon be creating something new!
There is no music on the full video, only the original sound.

Liepāja | The city of wind where the winds in this video is very strong now.
In this video she starts of with walking next to Ezers, dropping her hair, unwrap the ponytail, stroking her hair and she also does a lot of loose hairplay in the wind.

File size: 826 MB
Full video length: 8 minutes 12 seconds
Video editing date: 05 July 2018


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