Maitreni’s Exotic Video Shoot at the Flora Farm House


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These videos are made the same day as her Photoshoot and showcases her real natural beauty, which includes mostly loose hair, ponytails, double braids.

She is a beautiful, cheerful looking and diverse girl with amazing 5 feet natural brown, healthy hair!

She’s sitting and walking on the edge of the well with sunglasses and ponytail, you will see her doing some adventure too, including walking, hair flipping, posing on the stairs and chair, making double braids and more.

File size: 875 MB
Video length:Β 9 minutes
Video editing date: 25 May 2019

Background music:
1. Tesla Boy – Dream Machine (Silent Gloves Remix)
2. Artificial Music – Let’s Change The World Together
3. Broken Elegance – My Life (feat HiTydes)
4. Trip β€” KV


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